By Barry Browne
2022 has focused on preparing for our first convention, county meet and greets, improving membership
communications and building legislative relationships.
Planning and organizing a convention is a first for all of our executive board members! The agenda is set
with some good royalty owner related topics. So far we have ~$10,000 committed sponsorships and 24
registrants with a goal of 200. We continue progressing!
Since the last report, two meet and greets have been held. Attendance has averaged 40 per meeting.
Participation in our monthly “From the Pipeline” has increased to over a dozen. Considering our
membership mainly consists of mineral owners in a rural area, we are making an impact!
We are working with our Legislative Service Committee (LSC) to draft some revisions to the Ohio Revised
Code (ORC) to support mineral and royalty owner correlative rights. In the long run this will have
significant impact on our members and future members! The legislative journey will be long and require
constant interfacing with our industry partners and legislators.
For the remaining of 2022 the volunteer NARO Ohio Executive Board members and positions are:
Barry Browne – President
Dan Devitt – Vice-President
Bill Know – Treasurer
Heidi Kemp – Secretary
Pat Marcum – Member
Sandi Thompson – Member
Kent McCoy – Member



NARO-Ohio  Convention
September 16th & 17th

at the Pritchard Laughlin Center in Cambridge, Ohio.


We will have Registered Mineral Management (RMM) and Certified Mineral Management (CMM) Reviews and testing, also a mineral management 101 course is offered plus many great presentations.  

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