Effective January 1, 2022

NARO National _Dues Structure 2022 (PDF)

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NARO is excited to announce a new dues structure, effective for all members who join or renew on or after January 1, 2022.  This new structure does not involve any dues increase in the basic $150 membership.  The NARO Board has approved this new dues structure to try and address the following issues:

  • Having a lower introductory membership of $50 to entice new members to join NARO.  After seeing what NARO does and the benefits of membership, it is hoped these new members will then renew at a basic membership or another level after the first year.
  • Providing major mineral owners and larger businesses who can afford to support NARO at a greater level, membership categories which provide that opportunity.
  • Providing a clear schedule of “tiered” benefits.  The larger the membership category that you select, the more benefits you receive.
  • Emphasizing the expanded use of webinars, which are free to NARO members, including on-demand replays in case you are not able to attend the webinar at the time it is held.

Under NARO’s bylaws, there are two categories of membership:

Voting memberships are limited to those who own minerals or royalties.  These can be individuals, partnerships, businesses, or other entities.

Business memberships which are non-voting. This membership provides business supporters of NARO an opportunity to receive the educational services and advocacy activities of our association.

Below are the charts showing the new voting and non-voting memberships, and the benefits of each category.  When it comes time to renew your membership in 2022, please review these and decide which category you would like to join.

We would especially encourage NARO members who can afford to join the higher tier categories to do so.  We ask all our members not just to view their membership based on what benefits NARO provides to them, but what benefits they provide for themselves and all mineral and royalty owners by being a member.


Provides the best education for mineral and royalty owners in the industry.

Provides a seat at the table of the state, local and federal policy makers.

Represents mineral and royalty owners only.

We are not an association, unlike others, that purports to represent mineral owners but are funded by the oil and gas industry.

We are funded by YOU – America’s mineral and royalty owners.

Won’t you consider joining at a higher level in 2022?

Thank you,

Jack Fleet
Executive Director